How to Make a Movie From iMovie Play on a DVD Player

by Nicole Vulcan
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Once you've created a movie from video you've imported into Apple's iMovie, the next step is to prepare it for viewing by the outside world. One way to accomplish this is to use Apple's iDVD software to create a DVD that can be played in a DVD player. With the easy-to-use "Share" functions available right from iMovie, you can burn a DVD easily.

Step 1

Open the movie that you want to burn to DVD in the iMovie software.

Step 2

Click on "Share" from the top menu bar and then click "iDVD." Once you click that selection, the video in your timeline is sent to iDVD for burning. You are directed to iDVD from this point.

Step 3

Click on the box in the center of the iDVD pane that contains the name of your movie. Change the name if you need to. Select a theme from the Theme Chooser on the right side of the pane or keep the theme that is already displayed.

Step 4

Click on the spiral icon in the bottom pane of the iDVD window to begin the burn process.

Step 5

Insert a blank DVD-R into the DVD drive when prompted. The disc ejects when the DVD is finished burning.

Insert the newly burned DVD into a DVD player to watch it.


  • DVD+Rs, DVD-RWs and DVD+RWs also work, but they have compatibility issues with some DVD players.


  • IMovie and iDVD, both part of Apple's iLife suite of applications, are preinstalled on every new Mac. Additionally, the programs can be purchased separately from the Mac App Store.

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