How to Make ID Cards Online

by Heather Topham Wood

In many cases, businesses may require that their employees use ID cards in order to enter the building. Instead of hiring someone to create these identification badges, you can make ID cards online. These cards are meant for private organizations and are not to be used as a replacement for state-issued identification cards, such as a driver's license. The easiest way to make ID cards online is to download software from a company that provides identification card services.

Find an online ID card provider. For example, with Easy ID Card, you can design your own ID card and then have the completed ID cards mailed to your home.

Download the ID card program and open the template menu. Select the type of background that you want for your ID card. Templates are generally offered for corporate IDs, medical IDs, firefighter IDs, police IDs and child IDs.

Upload a photo for the ID card . It should be a headshot that can be easily adjusted to fit onto the ID card. Online ID card programs typically support both black and white and color images.

Add the text that you want to include on the ID card, such as a company logo, employee name and employee's department.

Encode the bar code of the identification card. Your ID card online program should have the ability to allow you to place an alphanumeric code into the bar code of the ID. This feature allows you to keep secure records of your employees' information.

Save the data and order the ID cards online. Some programs allow you the option of printing your own.

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