How to Make an HTML Slide Show

By Contributor

Updated December 13, 2019

Make an HTML Slide Show

Capture web visitors' attention by posting an HTML slide show on your website. It's simple and you don't have to know JavaScript or Flash code to do it. Making use of the web page meta tags allows you to easily display a series of web pages in the order that they will appear. Follow these steps to create your own slide show.

Use your favorite HTML editor or notepad to code the pages. Create a page for each slide you want to include in the HTML slide show. Name each page with the name of the page followed by a number such as: slide1.html, slide2.html, slide3.html.

Open the first page of the slide show. Add any text or images you would like displayed on the page. Continue to do this for the remaining pages in the HTML slide show.

Insert a meta tag between the and tags in each of the pages similar to the following in brackets : meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3;url=mypagename1.html"

Specify the page name after "url=" that you would like to display next in the series. Specify the number of seconds after "content=" that you would like the page to display before it goes to the next page.

Create a starting page and ending page. These pages display just before and after the slideshow. Insert a text hyperlink from the starting page to the first page of the slide show (slide1.html). Link the meta tag of the last page of the slideshow to the ending page name.

Test the HTML slide show code. Open the starting page in a web browser. Click on the link that launches the slide show. Fix any meta tag code that may cause the pages to run incorrectly. Test the pages until the slide show runs correctly. Watch the HTML slide show play.

Items you will need

  • HTML editor software or notepad

  • Web browser

  • HTML handbook or basic knowledge