How to Make a Handwritten Signature Online

By Kay Dean

i series object on white: isolated - Signature image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Signing emails with Arial or Times New Roman seems so blah and impersonal. It doesn't have to be anymore. You can create signatures that look similar to your own handwriting. You can even create an email signature in Microsoft Outlook that includes a scanned copy of your actual signature. Read on to learn how to make a handwritten signature online.

Step 1

Sign your name on a piece of paper. You don't have to adjust the size at this point, but using a pen with black ink will make it easier to scan. Allow the ink to dry.

Step 2

Scan your signature and save it on your computer. Be sure to remember where it is saved. Open the photo editing program. Locate the file with your signature and open it. Crop the picture and save again.

Step 3

Open the word processor and open a new document. If you want to include information, like your address, phone number and email address under your handwritten signature, add it here. You can adjust the font to include bold or italic or different colors.

Step 4

Move the cursor to the line about your address. Click "Insert" on the toolbar. Scroll down and click "Picture" and then "From File." Browse and locate the file that has your signature and open it. Your signature will appear. If it is too large or small compared to the other information, you can adjust that by moving the cursor towards it. A box will appear around your signature. Click and drag the box until your signature is the size you want. Save the new signature.

Step 5

Open Microsoft Outlook and click "Tools" on the top toolbar. Scroll down and click "Options." A menu box will appear. Click on the "Mail Format" tab. At the bottom of the box is a section for signatures. Click on which email account the signature is to be used for and whether it is to go out on which emails. Click the last button "Signatures." A menu box will appear. Click "New." A menu box will appear. Name the signature and select "Use this file as a template." Browse to find where your signature is saved and then upload it. Click "Finish." Note: you might not see your handwritten signature in the example box. Send a test email to make sure it is there.