How to Make Greeting Cards to Print

by Melissa McKean

Sometimes, you may want a greeting card that is a little more personal than the cards you can find in the store everyday. To get a custom-made greeting card, make your own online and then print it at home. There are a variety of websites and applications online that allow you to do this for free or for a small monthly fee.

Visit a website that allows you to make custom greeting cards online. Websites such as Smile Box allow you to choose a design, upload photos, and customize the text of your card. It is free to create and email your card on SmileBox, but if you want to print the card, it is $3.99 per card. However, there is a free 14-day trial period available. American Greetings also allows you to design and print your own cards online, and although there is a $2.99 monthly fee, a free trial period is available. Other will be used as an example in this article.

Download the Smilebox photo software. This is a one time download, so this program is ideal if you intend to make several printable greeting cards. However, if you are uncomfortable downloading the software, and only intend to a make a small amount of cards, American Greetings or a similar site may be better for you. When you have downloaded the software, a smaller window will appear where you can choose and customize your cards.

Choose the theme of the card you want to send, such as Birthday, Wedding, Love, or Christmas. Click on a thumbnail of a card you like to see a preview, or sort the card themes by Most Popular, Name, Design Type, Style, Newest Styles, or the # of photos that can be featured on the card.

Click on the purple "Personalize" button beneath the card preview if you like it. A download bar will appear that says, "Downloading card to my designs." When the download completes, the card will appear.

Upload photos to add to the card by clicking the "Get Photos..." button in the bottom of the left pane of the window. Select the photo from its location on your computer. The photo will appear in the left pane of the window. Drag the picture to the card by clicking on the photo, moving the mouse until it hovers over the image area, and release the mouse button.

Add text to personalize your card by clicking and typing in the area where it says, "Add your text here." Choose your music in the right pane of the window. Use a basic music selection that comes free with the card, or upgrade to the premium design of the card and select your own music from your computer.

Click "Preview" button, located along the top of the window, to see your card. When all of the animation has stopped, this is the version of the card that will print. Click on "Share, Print, or DVD" to print your card.

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