How to Make a GPS Tracker

By Palmer Owyoung

Turn your mobile phone into a GPS tracking device.
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A GPS device can be a useful tool for keeping track of friends, family and employees. Although the technology involved is fairly sophisticated, it is surprisingly easy to make your own GPS tracker yourself. You just need a cell phone that can access the Internet and software that will send a signal to a GPS satellite. You can then track anyone, anywhere they go, provided they can get a cell phone signal.

Step 1

Purchase a cell phone that has Internet access. Most smart phones made after 2008 have built-in GPS chips and just need to be outfitted with the right software. You will also need to have a data plan from your cell phone provider that offers Internet access.

Step 2

Choose a free software program that offers GPS tracking. There are several of these programs, including Mologogo, Buddyway and Instamapper. These programs all use Google Maps and allow you to track your cell phone by sending a signal to an overhead satellite. This is then sent back to the Internet, and the location, in turn, shows up on a map that you can access online.

Step 3

Register for the program that you want to use. All of the programs use Google Maps so their interfaces are very similar. You will just need to provide a user name, a password, a mobile phone number and an email address then click Submit.

Step 4

Download and install the program. You can either download the software from the email that you will be sent or from the text message. Either way, you will need to access your cell phone's Web browser and use the URL that you are provided to retrieve the program. Once you have installed it, restart your phone.

Step 5

Navigate to the "Start" menu on your phone then "Applications." You will find the new program on your phone. Click on it to begin.

Step 6

Boot up your computer and open up your Web browser. Log onto the website where you registered. You will see a map and a red dot. This dot represents the phone. You will now be able to track it anywhere in the world that it goes as long as the phone is turned on and there is cell phone reception. To make the maps bigger or smaller, you can use the + or - buttons, respectively. To scroll left, right, up or down, use the arrow keys.