How to Make Google Chrome Open With Permanently Pinned Tabs on a Mac

by Richard Bashara
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Social media, email and other productivity- or entertainment-related pages sometimes leave you with multiple off-topic tabs. Truly important tabs can get lost in the crowd. According to Tech Republic, a simple way to solve this for Mac users is to pin tabs with Google Chrome’s Pin Tab feature. Pinned tabs shrink, and the option to close them with the “X” button is removed. Pinned tabs can become permanent if you tell Chrome to remember your last browsing session.

Step 1

Click the Chrome menu button, followed by “Settings,” and then locate the “On Startup” heading.

Step 2

Click on the “Continue Where I Left Off” radio button.

Step 3

Open the tabs that you want to pin in your Chrome Web browser from your Mac computer.

Step 4

Right-click (or Control+click) on the tab that you want to pin, and select “Pin Tab.” This causes the tab to shrink, the "Close" button to vanish and the tab to align to the left side of your Web browser.

Step 5

Rearrange your pinned tabs to your desired layout by clicking and dragging them into the order that you desire. To close a pinned tab, right-click on it and select “Close Tab.”

Unpin tabs that you no longer need by right-clicking (or use Control+click) and selecting “Unpin Tab.” The tab expands to its normal size and the “X” button reappears.


  • Pinned tabs will not stay pinned when the browser is closed, unless you enable “Continue Where I Left Off.”


  • The On Startup section also includes an option for Chrome to open specific Web pages when it starts. To use this feature, click “Set Pages” and fill in the URL for each page you want to open.


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