How to Make My Google Calendar Full Page

By Ann Mapleridge

Google Calendar can help you keep track of events while you're on the go.
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Google Calendar is a web calendar that can be used to keep track of important tasks and events for just yourself or for your entire family. New events can be added to the calendar through text messages while you're on the go, and the calendar can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet access. If you want to look at a Google calendar as a full page, doing so simply requires you to make your web browser full screen, a process that in some cases will require you to download an add-on to the browser.

Log into the Google calendar you would like to view using the browser of your choice.

Download the full screen add-on for Firefox, and install it. Once installed, click "Tools," then "Add-ons," then "Full Screen," in order to view your Google calendar as a full page.

Press F11 while using Internet Explorer in order to view your Google Calendar as a full page. You can also make the calendar full screen in Explorer by selecting the "View" from the toolbar at the top of the screen, followed by "Full Screen."

Download an add-on to Safari, such as J.Y. Design's Full Screen add-on. Click on the add-on in order to put the web page, and consequently your Google calendar, in full screen mode.