How to Make Your GoDaddy Website Private

by Diana Braun

The Whois directory lists contact information for every website registered on the Web. Entries are public unless you set yours to private. This means that anyone that is searching for Whois information on your website can gain access to the name, address and telephone number of the domain registrant. GoDaddy allows domain owners to make their website listings private in the Whois directory for a fee. When a private domain is searched, the contact information displays as "Domains By Proxy" and all personal information is kept private. This is often preferred for business websites, so that the owner(s) don't become bombarded with inquiries, mail or calls.


Log in to your GoDaddy Account Manager. Type your username and password into the appropriate boxes at the top of the page, then press the Enter key. Your GoDaddy Account Manager dashboard will launch.


Click "Domain Manger" located under "My Products" in the left-pane of the page. The Domains dashboard will launch, and a list of all your registered domains will be presented.


Check the box next to the domain you want to make private.


Click the "Upgrade" icon from the top toolbar. The Upgrade page will appear.


Click the "Registration" tab, then click "Privacy" from the Upgrade page.


Click "Add" from the Privacy page, then select "Create a new account." Private registration is handled by an affiliate company called Domains By Proxy (DBP). When you click "Create a new account," DBP creates an account for you. An email message is then sent to your registered email account from DBP with your username, password and a link to the DBP website to manage your private site.


Click "Checkout" to complete the private registration. Enter payment information then click "Finish." Allow 24 to 48 hours for your website to be listed as private.

About the Author

Diana Braun began her writing career as a consultant and technical writer for a software company focusing on how-to, training, white paper, and internal process documentation. After two years, Braun left to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Since then, she has launched several startups including a t-shirt business, an online marketing and advertising t-shirt distribution business, and an entertainment site. She currently resides in South Florida.