How to Make Glitter Text

by Contributor

Add interest and drama to your website or blog by adding some glitter text. Although adding glitter text to your site makes you look like a pro, you don't need special web design skills to achieve the effect. Read on to learn how to make glitter text.

Select a glitter text generator from the Internet, like the Blink You or Glitter Maker websites.

Enter your text in the box provided. You'll find various options, such as the angle you want, whether you want a shadow or border, and your choice of border width and color. These options may vary depending on the glitter generator you're using.

Select a category, like calligraphy, graffiti, handwritten or script. Click on "Next" and pick a font. Select "Next Step."

Choose a glitter. You'll notice many small boxes, each containing a different kind of glitter. Click on the one you want and click on "Next Step."

Preview your text to make sure it looks right. Save the image to "My Pictures" by right-clicking on it. You can now upload the image to a web page or an image hosting site.


  • check Using glitter text can catch people's attention and work to your advantage, but too much can detract and cause the opposite effect.

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