How to Make Girl Avatars

By Jennifer Williams

Follow some simple steps to make a girl avatar online.
i girl with big heart image by Heinz Hemken from

Make girl avatars with the Internet-based avatar generators connected to sites such as IMVU, Gaia Online, eLouai's Maple Story Avatar Maker or Meez. These avatar generators use a variety of art styles to create all manner of female avatars, from the sexy girls of IMVU to the sweet anime style of eLouai's Maple Story avatar Maker. These generators work entirely within the Internet environment and require no expensive software, character modeling knowledge or artistic ability. Even the most inexperienced of novice Internet surfers can design their dream girl avatar in minutes, personalizing everything from eyes and nose to wardrobe and pets.

Select which avatar maker's artwork appeals most (see References section for links to a few avatar-making sites to scan), then join the site and log in to create the girl avatar.

Choose a skin color and face or head shape, then decide on hair length and color, mouth, nose and eye shape and placement, eye brows and nose. Add age and facial marks, then add jewelery and makeup if desired.

Dress the girl avatar in a combination of the various wardrobe pieces provided by the avatar maker, including a top, bottom, shoes, hat, scarf, stockings and bags.

Include props such as balls, skateboards and music, as well as media devices.

Save the girl avatar and upload her to the PC desktop for use in Internet social media communication.