How to Make GIFs at

By Rex Molder

The Graphics Interchange Format is an image format that is in widespread use on the Internet. One reason for its popularity is the format's relatively small file size. Another is the ability of the format to support animations. The GIFSoup website allows you to select any video uploaded to YouTube and turn it into an animated GIF, which you can post to your blog or website.

Navigate to the page and click the "Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos" tab.

Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to use to create your GIF. The easiest way is to find the video on YouTube and copy and past the address into the GIFSoup page. Click "Create GIFs."

Type in the start and end time minutes, seconds and milliseconds into the boxes provided. Keep in mind that free accounts are limited to 15-second clips.

Select a category for the GIF, enter a title and enter at least one tag. These three fields are mandatory. If you have a premium plan, you can also select other options, such as making the GIF private and adding a caption.

Click the green "Finish" button at the bottom of the page to create your GIF. When the GIF is ready, it will begin to play in the window where the original YouTube video was playing.