How to Make a Gateway Computer Run Faster

By Jeff Orloff

Over time, computers start to run much more slowly than they did when they were brand new. Files become corrupted, components start to wear down and malware infections bog down important system resources.

The good news is that with a little bit of work, a Gateway computer, or any other computer, can be reconditioned to run much faster. While these simple steps can be completed in the course of one afternoon, their effects will help a computer run more efficiently for a long time to come.

Turn off your computer and unplug it. Most Compaq computers have a side panel release button to open the case. Pressing this button and pulling the panel away from the rest of the chassis will open up the side. Other models, and other computers, require the screws that attach the side panel to the chassis to be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Once the screws are removed, the panel can be lifted away from the case.

Spray the compressed air into the case to blow any dust away from the internal components. Dust blocks air flow and causes the computer to run hot. When the components are too hot, the computer's performance suffers.

When blowing dust away from the components, take special care to remove all the dust from the central processing unit (CPU) and any vents in the computer's case. Once all of the built up dust has been removed, reattach the side panel and plug the computer back in.

Start the computer.

Temporarily disable the System Restore by right-clicking on "My Computer." Next click on the "System Properties" dialog box and then the "System Restore" tab. Here, check the "Turn off System Restore" check box. Click "Yes" to confirm that you do want to turn this off.

Run the anti-virus software on the computer to remove all malware that may have infected the computer. Malware uses up system resources, causing the computer to slow down. Remove any malware found by the anti-virus software.

Run spyware removal software and adware removal software as well, removing any infections found by these tools as well.

Once all the scans are complete, turn your System Restore back on.

Click "Start" followed by "All Programs." Next, click on "Accessories" and then "System Tools." From here, run the Disk Defragmenter and the Disk Cleanup tools to help the hard drive run more efficiently.