How to Make a Gantt Chart on a Mac

by Joshua Laud

If you want to create a Gantt chart on your Mac OS X computer, you will have to download an additional software application. There are various tools you can use to create Gantt charts including GanttProject, OmniPlan and ConceptDraw PROJECT. Gantt charts are special types of bar charts that show both allotted time for a project and the general progress through them.


Download and install GanttProject for Mac.

Open GanttProject from the "Applications" folder.

Click "Resources," then the "New Resources" button on the toolbar. This adds a person to the project. Fill in their details including role and time off they will have. Repeat for all staff members involved in the project.

Click "Gantt." Click "New Task" on the toolbar and then "Task Properties." Enter a name for the task and fill in the rest of the details for your project. Click "OK" to add the project. Repeat for all of the project tasks. You have now built a Gantt chart.


Download and install OmniPlan. This program is shareware, but a trial version is available. Open the program from the "Applications" folder.

Fill in the project information in the "Project Information" inspector. Click "Task view" and then the "Actions" menu. Click "Add Milestone." Fill in the details of project milestones.

Click the "Actions" menu and select "Task." Input new tasks for the project. Double-click each task to change the length of time allotted for each task. Select two tasks that are dependent upon one another and click the "Connection" button to join them together.

Click the "Calendar" view and select the "Hours per day" your staff work. You have now completed the basic Gantt chart.

ConceptDraw PROJECT

Download and install ConceptDraw PROJECT (a free 21-day trial is available). Open it from your "Applications" folder.

Type in project details in the "General" inspector. Click "Gantt Chart" on the top menu bar.

Click "Add Task." Fill in the details of the task and click "Add." Repeat to add lots of tasks. Add a sub-task by selecting a previous task and then click "Add Task."

Click "Resource Sheet." Click "Add Resource." Add the type of resource and their cost and other details. Press "Enter." Click "Assign Resources" and then select each resource, double-click it and select the task.

Click "Gantt Chart."

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