How to Make a Game Online for Free

by Kara Page

While more complex computer games take a bit of training and programming knowledge to create, there are several websites that offer gamers an easy way to create their own online games for free. If you have an idea for a game that you think others might enjoy playing on the Internet, creating a Flash game can be an interesting project and result in a product you can be proud to share with your family and friends.

Make a free online game with Sploder (see Resources). With Sploder, you have the option to design a platformer game, space shooting games or even a 3D mission style game. Your game will be shared on the website with other Sploder users and you can also share your game on MySpace or Facebook.

Make a free online game with PlayCrafter (see Resources). If you do have coding and programming skills, PlayCrafter allows you to design your game from scratch. For less experienced game designers, you can select a game template on which to base your game.

Make a free online game with MyGame (see Resources). This website is aimed at those with no game design experience, as you are essentially rearranging existing game components to create a game with your own unique twist.


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