How to Make Fuel in "Farm Town" (8 Steps)

By Tom Dunlap

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You can't tool around in your "Farm Town" harvester if your fuel tank is deader than a doornail. But don't worry, farmer. The interactive social media game from Slashkey -- popular on Facebook and Myspace -- has a few tricks up its sleeve. You can score more fuel if you know where to look. You can also make some of your own petrol by saving your Farm Cash and buying smart.

Step 1

Go to your virtual farm in Facebook or Myspace.

Step 2

Accept a fuel can as a gift, if you haven't already done so. It will show up in your gift box. You will also see credit for it under the fuel tank icon.

Step 3

Click the map. Look for a fuel station or you can single click the little fuel can under your coins and cash.

Step 4

Click the "refuel" button and the credit will automatically show up in your "gas station/tank."

Step 5

Click a fuel station. You will be able to tell how much fuel you've earned and what you can use for the day.

Step 6

Store your gas can. The gas can stays in your gift box and it remains there until the next time you refuel it.

Step 7

Fuel your farm machines by clicking the "refuel" button. When you click the button, any fuel appearing in the left corner of the screen will be lost.

Step 8

Buy an Oil Refinery for 32 Farm Cash. The refinery lets you make fuel out of the crude oil used in your farm equipment. Store the fuel tanks in your storage.