How to Make Four-Sided Cards

by Foye Robinson

The key to creating a four-sided card is to place its contents in the correct areas of your document. You may use a word processor to create the card. By rotating your content, you can print the card on a single sheet of paper instead of multiple times. You don't have to include information on each side of the card. The folded card displays the front, back and inside of your card.

Open a new document in a word processor and make the rulers visible. To make the ruler visible in Word, select the "View" tab and check "Ruler" under the "Show/Hide" panel. To make rulers visible in Publisher or OpenOffice Writer, select "View" and "Ruler" from the menu.

Pick the text box. In Word, go to the "Insert" tab and "Text" group and select "Text Box" and "Draw Text Box." In Publisher, select "Insert" and "Text Box" from the menu. In OpenOffice Writer, click "Text" in the "Drawing" pane.

Draw four text boxes (of equal size) on your page, using the rulers as a guide. As you draw the text boxes, place two at the top-half of your page (beside each other) and two at the bottom-half of your page (beside each other) to fill the four-sides of your card.

Go to the first text box (top, left) in Publisher and OpenOffice Writer only. Type the message you want to include, such as "Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best birthday ever!!" In Word, select the text box and press delete it. Go to the "Insert" tab. Select "WordArt" and "WordArt Style 8" from the "Text" group. Type your message into the "Edit WordArt Text" dialog box and click "OK." Go to the "Format" tab. Select "Text Wrapping" and "More Layout Options." Choose "Tight" in the "Advanced Layout" dialog box and click "OK."

Rotate the text in the top, left section. In Word and Publisher, select the rotation handle surrounding the text and rotate the text until it's upside-down. In OpenOffice Writer, right-click on the text box and select "Position and Size" from the pop-up. Choose the "Rotation" tab, set the "Rotation angle" to "180.00 degrees" and click "OK."

Leave the second text box (top, right) blank.

Go to the third text box (bottom, left) and add your name or copyright information, indicating you created the card.

Go to the fourth text box (bottom, right). Add the featured text and image you want to display at the front of the card, such as "Happy Birthday!" To add an image in Word, select the "Insert" tab and go to the "Illustrations" group. Click "Picture" to open the "Insert Picture" dialog box and double-click the image you want to use. To add an image in Publisher or OpenOffice Writer, select "Insert," "Picture" and "From File" from the menu and double-click your image.

Press "Ctrl"+"P" to print the card. Fold it twice, displaying the featured image in front and copyright on the back.

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