How to Make "Forty-Five" CD Labels

by Contributor

Get the hip, retro look of a 45-rpm vinyl album on a CD. While there are a few different ways to make "forty-five" CD labels, it's easiest if you start with vinyl-look CD-Rs. Then use labels especially for "vinyl" CD-Rs or print directly on the CD-Rs themselves. Follow these instructions and let your CD collection take you back.

Print on a Label

Step 1

Buy labels made for "forty-five" or vinyl CD-Rs. These labels cover just the center hub of the CD-R while they leave the black vinyl edges exposed.

Step 2

Use the label-making software included with the blank labels to create your design. To emphasize the retro look, incorporate bold and primary colors into your design.

Step 3

Print your design on the labels. Allow the labels to sit for a few moments to ensure that the ink is completely dry.

Affix your labels to the CDs. Protect your custom labels and store your CDs in jewel cases.

Print on a CD

Step 1

Purchase vinyl-look CD-Rs with a white, matte center hub. Make sure the package indicates that you can print directly on the CD-Rs.

Step 2

Design your album art. Use funky, retro font and basic shapes in the design.

Step 3

Follow the instructions included with your CDs and insert them into your printer's paper tray. Print your design on the CDs.

Allow the CDs to dry thoroughly before using them.

Items you will need

  • CDs
  • Labels

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