How to Make a Folder for Pictures That Are on Your Computer

by Elvis Michael

Typically, computer applications are organized by folders, which effectively help users access them more efficiently. However, many users tend to store stand-alone files, including pictures and music, on their desktop or within irrelevant directories. Although Windows offers default folders for such multimedia purposes, these files can get disorganized if users obtain them frequently and store them carelessly. As a result, you can create a secondary pictures folder in a more convenient location to store such data.

Create Folder

Launch the "Computer" utility from your Windows 7 Start menu.

Click "File" from the menu bar, highlight "New" and click "Folder."

Assign a desired name to the newly created directory and press the "Enter" key.

Move Pictures

Go to the location where your pictures reside.

Highlight the pictures you wish to store in the new folder; press the left mouse button while dragging its cursor over each item.

Right-click an unoccupied field within the present pictures location and select "Copy."

Go to the new folder, right-click any area within it and select "Paste."


  • check Windows 7's default pictures location is under "Users\Profile Name\My Pictures," where "Profile Name" represents your Windows account. Optionally, right-click the folder, select "Send To" then "Desktop" to avoid creating a secondary folder.
  • check To create a folder on the desktop, right-click, select "New" and click "Folder."

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