How to Make a Flyer With Pictures

By Daniel Ketchum

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Creating flyers with your own pictures can be a terrific way to advertise your business or get the word out about a charity event. Whether you want to create a flyer for your new business or you want to design a flyer as part of a school project, the process is fairly straightforward. You will need a good graphics program and access to a computer.

Step 1

Collect the pictures you want to add to your flyer. It can often be useful to create a basic layout on paper and place your pictures (artwork or photos) where you want them to go. This can aid you in determining where to place your pictures in the flyer. Determine the text (if any) you want to include. Decide on the style or theme of your flyer.

Step 2

Locate a graphics program to create your flyer's design. You should select a program you feel comfortable using based on your knowledge of graphic design. You can find some graphics programs available in your local library or you may have access to a program such Photoshop in your office, if you don't own a copy. If you need a program that costs a bit less there are several, including ArtRage, that might be a good fit. A freeware option is GIMP, a program that is comparable to Photoshop in many ways.

Step 3

Go to “File” then pick “New” from the drop-down menu. Next, choose a background color; white is usually advisable for flyers. Select the dimensions for your flyer, then insert these numbers, generally under the "Page Layout" or "Page Setup" menu. Add the resolution setting next, choosing at least 300 pixels (dpi) for optimum printing results.

Step 4

Add your pictures to their own layer in the "Layers" panel by opening the pictures from where they're saved. Then use the “Copy” and “Paste” functions to place them in the main document. Each picture, be it photo or other artwork, will be placed on a layer automatically. When you create a drawing or a section of text, you can add a new layer for each element by clicking on “New Layer.” By having each element on its own layer you can more easily make changes to each without affecting other elements.

Step 5

Pick from a variety of tools to complete your flyer's design. These tools will also allow you to edit your pictures. You can move elements, including your pictures, by selecting the “Move” tool, or by clicking and dragging each element. You can enlarge your pictures, invert them, alter the color or brightness or make a plethora of other changes depending on your specific design premise. To change, for example, the “Brightness/Contrast” of a photo go to “Image” then “Adjustments” then make the change you require. Filters, and different fonts, can also help you create the design you want.

Step 6

Save your final flyer design in a high resolution JPEG format. You can either choose to print your flyer using your home or office computer and printer, or have your flyer printed professionally by an office supply store or print shop.