How to Make a Web Flyer

By Louise Balle

If you want to promote your event or business, a flyer is a simple yet effective way to get the word out. But it's not always possible to print and distribute the flyers physically, such as on bulletin boards and hand-to-hand flyer passing, due to time and budget constraints. One way to get around that extra cost is to make a web flyer and post it on your website.

Design a flyer at Pixlr, a free online tool that you can use from your browser. When you load the editor, choose the option to "Create a New Image" and size it to your liking. Use Pixlr's convenient editing tools that are similar to that of paid image editing programs, like paint brush, pencil, box, drawing, and text tools to create your flyer. When done, you can save the Pixlr document to your hard drive as a JPEG or PNG document---both of which are fine for displaying on the web. Upload the flyer to your web server or online account for viewing.

Create your flyer in Microsoft Word and then use the Create Adobe PDF Online tool to change it to a PDF file for distribution online. Word comes with numerous flyer templates that you can access by clicking "File" and then "New" on the main menu. Add your promotional details to the flyer to make it your own. You can then register for an account to use Adobe's online PDF tool and upload the Word file to convert it to PDF format automatically within your browser (five free conversions allowed). PDF is a popular format for displaying web flyers.

Use Band Flyers to create web flyers online for free to advertise a specific occasion. Choose a photo as well as a color for the background and add descriptive text. The tool asks for a band name, but you can also enter the name of your event instead. You can modify the text size, alignment, color, and font. Create an account to save the flyer and save it as a web-based image file.