How to Make a Flow Chart in Microsoft Office

By Teresa Starr

Creating a flowchart using Microsoft Office is an easy task.
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If you need to create a flowchart for a presentation or for your own personal use using Microsoft Office, both Microsoft Word and Power Point have a feature that can be used to make a variety of different flowcharts. With this feature, you can create the initial shape, add text, resize the shape and group them together, if needed. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced computer user, creating a flow chart is an easy task.

Microsoft Word

Launch Microsoft Word. Click on "File" and then "New" to create a new document.

Click on the "View" menu, "Toolbars" and then "Drawing."

Click on "AutoShapes" and then "Flowchart." A box will open with different flowchart layouts. Click on the flowchart layout of your choice, and then use the pointer of the mouse to select the area in the new document where you'd like the flowchart to be placed.

Left-click on your mouse to insert the flowchart shape to the document.

Right-click on the flowchart shape and click "Add Text." Type in the text you'd like. Repeat this step with each part of the flowchart to add more text. You have now created a flowchart in Microsoft Office.


Launch PowerPoint to create a new document. Right-click on the toolbar and select "Drawing."

Click "AutoShapes" and then click "Flowchart."

Click on the flowchart shape you'd like to use, and then point and select the area in the document where you'd like to place the flowchart.

Click on the "Drawing" tool bar and click the "Text Box" to add text to the flowchart.