How to Make a Flip Book for Your Website

by Louise Balle

A flip book is a flash-based e-book that allows your website visitors to turn the pages on the screen, similar to lifting the pages of an actual printed book. It is a convenient way to display catalogs and online books, and practical if you don't want the user to take the content with him as is the case with a basic PDF file. You need special conversion software in order to make a flip book.


Choose a flip book software program. There are both online and offline versions. Popular options including Page-Flip.com and FlipCity.com. Download the software to your computer (offline versions) or load it in your browser (online versions).


Prepare your book document and convert it to PDF format. You can use CreatePDF.adobe.com, Adobe Acrobat, or a similar PDF creation program. If you want your clickable links to show up in the flipping book, use Acrobat to be safe.


Upload your PDF file to the software and click the option to "Convert" or similar. The program will save each PDF file as an SWF (Flash) file and combine them into one HTML document.


Load the HTML document in your browser to test the flip book.


Upload to your web server the HTML document and any corresponding folders that the software program deposits to your computer. Then you can simply link to the HTML page on your website so that visitors can view the flip book.

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