How to Make a Free Flash Movie

by Maxwell Payne

You can make free Flash-based movies without having to purchase Flash programming software and without having to learn a lot about how Flash works. There are a variety of websites that allow users to make basic, free Flash movies directly through the website templates or with a small downloaded program. After creating a free Flash movie, you can upload the movie for free to a website such as YouTube.


Select one of the free Flash movie-making websites listed in the Resources section below. Download the free software or follow the on-screen instructions for how to make a Flash video using the website's tools and templates. The method will vary from website to website, so be sure to follow the specific directions listed on the website you choose.


Customize your free Flash video using the included images, sound effects and graphics. These websites will guide you step-by-step to create everything from short Flash videos to ad banners. Downloaded free programs will allow you to save and export the Flash videos you create, while the online-only templates may give you a link to post the created video.


Complete your Flash video. If you downloaded a free software program, follow the instructions on how to save and export the video to a site such as YouTube or your own personal site. If you used a template through a free website, the website will confirm that you want to complete the video and provide you with HTML code.


Copy and paste the provided HTML code and place it in Website Manager or editing area of your website, MySpace page or personal blog.


  • close Watch out for trial version programs, as these may not provide full functionality for free.
  • close Also consider bandwidth needs when uploading a video to a personal website or linking an HTML code onto your page. The movie viewing will use up more bandwidth than a standard text-only website.


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