How to Make Firefox Open RTSP Addresses (3 Steps)

by Daniel Hatter
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Real-Time Streaming Protocol is a network protocol used for the transfer of real-time media. In similar fashion to HTTP -- which is used to transfer HTML -- RTSP can be used over a network or the Web. However, with its default settings, Firefox can't handle RTSP addresses. To give Firefox the ability to open RTSP addresses, add a new entry to the Firefox configuration file. Firefox then prompts you to select a program that will open the media whenever you visit an RSTP address.

Step 1

Open Firefox, type "about:config" (omit the quotes) in the address bar, and then click the "I'll be careful, I promise" button when the warning page appears.

Step 2

Right-click anywhere on the page and select the "New" item in the context menu. Choose "Boolean" from the submenu, type "network.protocol-handler.expose.rtsp" (omit the quotes), and then press "Enter."

Select "False" from the drop-down menu, and then press "Enter" to save the new entry. Close the about:config tab in Firefox, and then go to an RTSP address in the browser. A Firefox prompt appears, asking you to select a program with which to open the streaming media. Check the check box in the prompt to always use the selected program, if applicable.


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