How to Make Firefox My Internet Browser

by Diana Braun

Microsoft Windows computers come preinstalled with Internet Explorer as the default Internet browser. Users have the option to download and install any Web browser of choice which may include Mozilla Firefox. The Firefox browser is available for free and contains many add-ons capable of making Web browsing more efficient and therefore preferred. Users can set Mozilla Firefox to be the default Internet browser. Any time a Web link is clicked, Firefox will open as the chosen browser.


Launch Mozilla Firefox. Click "Start," click "All Programs" and click "Mozilla Firefox."


Click "Tools" from the top menu of Firefox and select "Options" from the drop-down menu. The Options window launches.


Click "Advanced" from the top of the window.


Click the "General" tab from the Advanced menu.


Click the "Check Now" button under "System Defaults." Windows will check to see if Firefox is currently set as the default Internet browser. If it is not, you will be prompted to make browser your default application. Click "Yes" to set Firefox as the default browser.


Click "OK" at the bottom of the Options window to save your changes.

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