How to Make a File Downloadable From a Website

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

You can allow your website visitors to download audio files, images, documents and other kinds of files. With the use of a zipping or PDF-creating tool and a little bit of HTML editing, it's easy to make a file downloadable from your website.

Determine what type of file to create. You can convert a document to a PDF (portable document file.) For a collection of items, like images or audio files, use a compression tool so that users can download all the items in one small package.

Download a compression tool, like Winzip and a program to create PDF files, such as Adobe Distiller, from a download site or the manufacturer's website.

Hit the "Ctrl" key and left-click each file that you want to add to the compressed folder. When all the files are selected, right-click and select "Send to Compressed (Zipped) Folder." A new folder with the extension ".zip" will appear.

Open your PDF creator software. Click "File" and "Open." Select the file you want to convert to a PDF to open it. Click "Save as PDF" from the menu. With Adobe Professional, you can right-click the document and select "Convert to Adobe PDF."

Upload the PDF and Zip files to your web server with your FTP software. You can place them right on the root folder or create a subfolder and put them there.

Edit the web page from which the users will download the files. Put the text "link" at the place in the file where you want the link to the file to appear. "Folder" is the name of the folder where the file resides, "filename" is the name of the file and 'link' is the word to be used as the hyperlink in your web page.

Add text in your webpage that tells users what the file format of the downloadable file is. Provide instructions on how to open it.


Adobe's website offers a subscription service that allows you to create PDF files through their website.