How to Make a Female Compared to Male Bar Graph on Excel (12 Steps)

By Dan Howard

Excel offers dozens of different bar and column chart types.
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Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool that you can use to manage, compute and display data. It's easy to create a bar graph that compares two sets of data taken from males and females. Once you've entered the male and female data into separate columns, you can calculate the average of each data set. Then you can visually compare the resulting averages in an Excel bar chart.

Step 1

Run the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application.

Step 2

Type "Female" and "Male" into the column headers located in cells A1 and B1.

Step 3

Type the data for all female observations in the cells under the "Female" column. Type the data for all male observations in the cells under the "Male" column.

Step 4

Select a cell in column A1 that is located below the last entered data.

Step 5

Type the following in the cell:


Substitute the cell addresses that correspond to the cells that contain your A column data.

Step 6

Press "Enter." The formula calculates the average of all entries in the A column.

Step 7

Right-click the cell in the A column that contains the AVERAGE formula and click "Copy" in the menu.

Step 8

Right-click the adjacent cell in the B column and click "Paste" in the menu. The cell returns the average of all entries in the B column.

Step 9

Highlight the two cells that contain the AVERAGE formula.

Step 10

Click the "Insert" tab in the menu ribbon, and then click the "Bar" icon and select a display type from the drop-down menu. Excel creates a new bar chart that contains your male versus female data.

Step 11

Click the chart area to activate "Chart Tools" in the menu ribbon.

Step 12

Click the "Layout" tab to customize your chart. This tab contains icons for adding chart and axis titles, adding a legend, and labeling your data.