How to Make an E-Signature

by Iam Jaebi

If you've ever received a mass copy letter in the mail with a signature on it, such as those from marketers, then you know what an e-signature is. It is an electronic representation of your signature saved as an image file on your computer. E-signatures are handy for adding your signature to emailed or fax documents simply by adding the image to the file. This is a convenient way of adding formality to your documents.

Write your signature on a blank piece of paper. Make the mark precisely and three to four times larger than normal. Draw your signature several times on the same piece of paper in blue or black ink.

Scan the document. Use the highest resolution available for the scanner. This will deliver the strongest images for your computer to work with. Consult your scanner manual or with a colleague if you are not sure how to control the scanner resolution.

Open the scanned image in your image editing software. Examine the signatures carefully and select the best looking one for your e-signature. Select and crop the best image.

Remove the white background to save just the marks made with your pen and not the white space surrounding it. Use the tool in the image editing software that allows you to select all white space on the image. For example, if using Adobe Photoshop, use the magic wand tool. Then invert the selection to select your signature and not the white space. Copy the inverted selection.

Open a new image document. Ensure that the workspace background is transparent so there is no background color. Paste the signature onto the new document. Zoom into the image and look for any remaining white space attached to the signature. If you find any, remove it.

Save the image as a PNG file. This file is suitable because it retains the image as you see it in the editing software. Try other formats if necessary but avoid any that automatically add background as this will add a white box around your signature. Save the image in an easy-to-remember location on your computer so you can find it when needed.


  • close E-signatures may be invalid for some documents such as legal and tax filings.

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