How to Make an EPS File With Photoshop

by Robin Lewis

There are times when a Photoshop .psd file just won't do. If the file is being sent to someone who doesn't have Photoshop, he will not be able to open the file. If that file is converted to an .eps file, however, the file becomes much more flexible and will be able to be opened by a large variety of programs. Follow the steps below to convert your native Photoshop.psd file into an .eps file.


Open your version of Photoshop. The process for converting to EPS is the same for most versions.


Select "File," then "New" (or "Open," if you already have a file created).


Create your file and add any graphics or text that you will need.


Click on "File" and slide down the drop-down menu to "Save As."


The pop-up window is the Save As window. Name your file in the top highlighted box and select the folder that you are going to be saving it in. (The pictured file is being saved to the "Desktop.")


In the drop-down menu (see picture), select "Photoshop EPS."


Once you have selected this, the drop-down menu will slide back up and you will see that the choice has changed. If it is correct and your file name and location are correct, hit the "Save" button. Your new file is now an .eps file.

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