How to Make an Email System

By Sam Kessler

When you create an email system for your business, it should look professional.
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When setting up an email system for your small business it is first imperative that you make sure the emails are professional looking and are not from personal accounts. There are many types of online software that can be used to set up an email system for your small business. However, the Gmail system of creating small business emails is a simple and highly effective method in organizing how you conduct your business relationships online. In fact, this system is the answer when managing multiple email accounts for your business.

Set up a Gmail account in order to be able to forward all of your business email accounts to that one email account.

Program your business emails (if they are connected with typical Web hosting programs such as SiteGround, GoDaddy, Bluehost or Yahoo Web hosting) whose host sites consist of a CPanel system that enables you to login and setup the forwarding option in the mail controls section for whichever emails you want forwarded to your new Gmail account.

Add your business email accounts to your new Gmail account as part of the set-up process for forwarding the email. First click on settings, then the accounts tab, and then click on "add another email address." Enter the name of the email you want people to see in the pop-up, then click "send verification." Check the verification email sent to your inbox and hit confirm and continue doing this for all of your business email accounts.

Develop a label for each of your email addresses which will serve as the equivalent of a file folder system. First click settings and then the labels tab and type in the labels for each email.

Set up an email filtering system to be able to properly classify where each new email goes when being forwarded to the Gmail account. Click on settings again and click on the filters tab and create a new filter. Enter the full name of the business email account into the "To" field and click "Next Step." Check the box called "Apply the Label" and click "Create Filter."

Program Gmail to respond to the correct email address in order to continue displaying a professional appearance or else your default name and email will be used which defeats the purpose of setting up your business email system.

Run a diagnostics check of your new email system and check to make sure that all your updates are working out and are ready for action.