How to Make My E-Machine Faster

By Heather Bliss

A slow E-machine computer can cause limp productivity for your work, as well as slow movies, games and poor video quality during playtime. You can improve the speed of your E-machine with some software maintenance or by upgrading some computer hardware. Improving the speed of your E-machine computer is a straightforward process that requires some research and preparation. Impress your family by speeding up your home computer with easy installation of some simple components.

Step 1

Clear out clogged data in your hard drive. Backup your important files on a new hard drive and delete old files that will no longer be in use. Empty the recycle bin.

Step 2

Run your E-machine's defrag utility on your hard drive. The defrag utility is often located in the computer maintenance part of the administrative options menu on your operating system.

Step 3

Empty the temporary cache files in your browser. In Firefox, empty your browser cache by selecting "Clear Private Data" in the Tools menu.

Step 4

Buy some upgraded RAM. Use the computer manual or manufacturer's website to find out what kind of RAM is right for your computer. Make sure you know the build, the number of connector pins and the maximum slot capacity for each stick of RAM. Older computers may not be able to run otherwise compatible RAM greater than 512 gigabytes in capacity.

Step 5

Install your upgraded RAM. Shut down the computer and unplug it from power. Open the case hatch by triggering the lock on the case hatch or unscrewing its screws. The hatch is located on the side of your E-machine, but the latch or screws will be on the back of the computer. Gently open the RAM latch and unseat the old RAM if you wish to remove it.

Step 6

Blow the dust out of the chosen RAM slot with a can of compressed air. Align the new RAM with the slot and ease it into place until you are able to lock the RAM into place with the slot latch. Close the case and boot your computer.