How to Make Multiple Copies of a DVD Using Nero 10

By David Clair

A writable DVD disc is needed for each copy to be made.
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Nero version 10 is a multimedia software suite used for editing audio and video as well as compiling and copying CDs and dvds. Nero can be configured to split DVDs into separate smaller portions or to create an exact duplicate of a disc. Either a single copy of a disc or multiple copies can be made, based on your needs at the time.

Step 1

Open the Nero 10 software program.

Step 2

Click the "Copy" icon on the main menu. Click "DVD" on the drop-down menu. Select "DVD-Video."

Step 3

Click the "Copy Options" tab. Enter the desired number of copies in the "Number of copies" field.

Step 4

Place the original DVD disc into the DVD recorder drive. Click the "Copy" icon.

Step 5

Click the "Next" button. Insert each blank DVD disc when prompted and click "Next" to continue.