How to Make a DVD

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DVDs are most commonly used to watch movies. With a DVD, the picture quality of the movie is better and more information can be stored onto each disk than with other formats of video. Because of this, people want to make their own DVDs of different videos, or even pictures, that a person may have.

Download DVD-creation software if your computer doesn't come with it already installed. There are several different options for the software you can use to make your DVD. Find the software that you want to use to make your DVDs, then download it onto your computer.

Choose your background you want displayed on your DVD. DVD software will come with default options for backgrounds, or you can use your own images for a background. This will be what is seen when the DVD opens to the main page.

Build your DVD menu. Depending on how many videos or pictures you are putting onto the DVD, you may want to create different chapters for your DVD. If this is the case, put these chapter options onto your menu. You can create different chapters on your DVD to separate different parts of the whole project. You might wish to have one chapter for each of your children or one chapter for each year of school. Many people also separate different chapters simply every eight or 10 minutes of a movie. Create a chapter by clicking on the" Other Options" tab of the burn menu and click on "Add New Chapter."

Insert the videos that you want loaded onto your DVD. If you're using Windows Media Player, open the software and open another window that contains the videos you want to load. Make sure that the videos that you want on the DVD are already on your computer. Click on the first piece of video you want to add to your play list, and drag it onto your Windows Media Player playlist. Continue doing this until you have all your videos on the software.

Drag and drop the videos to arrange them in the order you want them to appear on your DVD. Click on "Burn," then "Burn DVD." A new window will open on the right side of the software. Drag the videos from the left side to the right side of the software in the order you want them to appear. Click "Start Burn" in the bottom right-hand corner.

Insert the blank DVD into your computer, and using the DVD software, click the option for burning the DVD. Click "Start Burn" in the bottom right-hand corner. This typically takes about 10 minutes. But it depends on how many videos you are burning, how fast your DVD burner is and how much RAM your computer has.


  • close Only make DVDs out of your old pictures and videos instead of downloading and burning copyrighted movies. It is illegal to duplicate video and photos that you do not have permission to duplicate.

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