How to Make the Text Go up & Down in Word With Microsoft 7

by Nicholas Smith

Microsoft Office 2010 users have the option of using its popular Word application, which allows users to create typed documents, such as letters, reports and essays. Among the basic features is the ability to place text where you would like it in the document. For example, you can cause a paragraph of typed text to be moved upward or downward in the document by using your computer's mouse and keyboard. Once the text is placed where you want it, save and print the document, if desired.

Open Microsoft Word by clicking "Start," "All Programs" and "Microsoft Word."

Open a blank document by clicking "File" and "New." In new versions of Word, the "File" is replaced by the Microsoft Office icon.

Highlight the text that you want to move "up" or "down" by placing your mouse at the very end of the sentence (or paragraph) that you want to move. Press and hold the left button and drag the mouse to the beginning of the sentence (or paragraph.) Press "CTRL" and "X" simultaneously to "Cut" the text and place it into memory.

Place your mouse at the location where you want to place the text. Press "CTRL" and "V" to "paste" the text from memory into that location.

Press the "Tab" button on your keyboard to shift the text to the right, if neecessary. Hold "Shift" and press "Tab" to shift the text to the left.

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