How to Make a Digital Photo Album

by Jada Cash

Thanks to the Internet, sharing your digital photos has never been easier. There are many websites that allow you to manage, store and share pictures online.

Upload your photos from a digital camera to a computer. Most computers come standard with a photo software program that automatically boots up when your camera is hooked up via the USB port. Your digital camera should also come with software that will allow you to upload/manage photos.

If you have hard-copy photos you want in your digital photo album, you will need a scanner that can connect to your computer. These can be purchased at any office supply or electronics store. Follow the scanner directions to upload these pictures to your computer.

Before you begin searching for the digital photo site to create your album, edit your photos.Most computer photo programs allow for basic editing, such as cropping and removal of "red eye." With Adobe Photoshop or similar programs you can do more complex editing.

Once you have your pictures uploaded and ready to go, decide which photo-sharing site you want to use. Do a Google search to find these sites or ask friends and family which sites they use. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace allow you to create albums and share them with your network of friends. Others, such as Kodak Gallery, allow you to share photos and order prints and other items with your photos on them, including printed photo albums.

When you have chosen a photo-sharing site, follow the site's instructions for uploading photos from your computer. Some sitesl require that you enter the email addresses of the people you want to share your album with.

Items you will need

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