How to Make Digital Greeting Cards

By Kelly Smith

Access to the Internet allows you to send heartfelt words to another person in a matter of minutes.
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Sending greeting cards digitally is a simple process as long as you have Internet access. The majority of greeting card websites allow you to email cards to people for free. Digital cards save money and time and have templated cards with content already written out for you to choose from. There is usually an option to create your own greeting card by uploading a personal photo and writing in your own note or poem. You have the ability to choose when you want to send the card and whether you want verification the recipient opened your card.

All-Yours Digital Cards

Go to the All-Yours website to make a free digital card. Click on the "Greetings" tab. You can choose from "Today's Featured Greeting Cards" or from a selection of cards including love, birthday, humor, wedding and thank-you.

Click on theme you want. It will display the card, the graphics and content. Click on the "continue (step 2)" tab. Select one of the backgrounds available for your card. If you're skilled in graphics, create a custom background.

Fill in your name and email address in the boxes next to the "Sender" option.

Fill in the recipient's name and email address in the boxes next to the "Recipient" section. Select the number of recipients from the drop-down menu. Write a personalized headline greeting or select the default, "Online Greeting Card Waiting For You." Write a personal message in the message section. Select the option for the card layout.

Select "Text" color from the drop-down menu. Choose the size of text from the drop-down menu including small, medium, large and extra-large. Choose from five different font types, check "confirm delivery" and choose whether you want to receive the newsletter. Click on the tab below these sections that say, "Preview Your Greeting Card (step 3)."

Select the date to send the card from the drop-down menu on the bottom of the page that says, "Customize your email notification." Go back and edit or send the greeting card. Fill in the captcha letters in the box next to the captcha box. Click "Send Greeting Card." You will receive a card delivery identification number and will be notified when the recipient receives the card.

Delivr Digital Ecards

Go to the Delivr Ecards website. Click on any image according to what kind of theme you're looking for, including a birthday cake, balloons, picturesque outdoor pictures and sunflowers.

Add a personal message, such as "I miss you," or "Heartfelt wishes from us." Send your ecard by filling in your name, email, recipient's name and recipient's email address. Enter a text message.

Enter the captcha letters in the box. Click verify. Click the "Send My Ecard" tab.

Dgreetings Digital Cards

Go to the Dgreetings website. Choose the greeting card you want from anniversary, birthday or love. Click on the "Birthday Cards" tab if that is your theme. You will see different options including dad's birthday, daughter's birthday, girlfiend's birthday and husband's birthday.

Click on a picture or link for the card you want. The card will display. Navigate below the card and fill out "Sender's Details," name, email and drop-down box for the age group.

Fill out "Recipient's Detail," name and email. Fill out the message box including the "Header" box, "Footer" box and "Personal Message." Enter the captcha number.

Click the "Preview the Card" button. Look at your card and fix any mistakes. Click on the drop-down box for the "Send on Chosen Date" area. Look at the card. Click "Send Now." You will be taken to another page telling you your card has been sent.