How to Make a Dell Recovery CD

by James Johnson

Dell computers come with a specially partitioned part of their hard drives that contains the user's Operating system. This comes in handy if you want to restore your OS directly from your computer, but what happens when you're hard drive is completely corrupt? You'll probably want a CD recovery option and for that you will need to create a Dell OS Recovery Disc. You only get one shot at making the CD thanks to strict Dell restrictions, so make sure you have the right information to proceed.

Plug your computer into an AC Adapter or make sure you have a fully charged battery as you won't want your computer to shutdown mid-process.

Click the "Windows Start Button" at the bottom left part of your computer OS.

Choose the "All Programs" option and then navigate to "Dell Accessories." Select the "Dell OS Recovery CD" option and then click "OK."

Read the special terms and conditions (Dell Software License Agreement) outlined by Dell on the next page and then click on the button that says "Yes, I accept it" and then click the "Next" button.

Place your CD-R or CD-RW into your drive when prompted to do so and then click "Next."

Wait for the recovery CD to finish writing (can take up to 30 minutes) and you will be told when the process is complete. Simply remove the CD and label it if you choose to do so.

Items you will need

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