How to Make a Decorative Envelope Using Microsoft Publisher

By Contributor

Updated December 10, 2019

Special occasion cards get piled away with the rest of the mail when they are in plain envelopes with no special decal or design to separate them from others. Design a special envelope using Microsoft Publisher for a single use birthday card envelope or to use on all your mailings, so that people will see your envelopes and know that they are from you. Relatives and close friends will also appreciate the time you took to make their envelope special.

Launch Microsoft Publisher and click "Publications for Print." A list of options will appear underneath this section. You can choose from several pre-made envelopes. These envelope designs are for several different types of businesses.

Delete any option or area of the envelope you do not need for your purpose. Select the area by left clicking on the area once and it will bring up a border around the box. Right click on the selection and choose "Delete."

Move any of the pre-selected fields by dragging it to where you would prefer it. Select the area; move the mouse pointer till it becomes a four arrowed figure. Left click and hold the mouse button and drag the box to where you want it.

Fill in the address fields by highlighting and entering in the correct information.

Insert pictures and designs to the envelope to make it more personal. Click "Insert" and "Clipart," "Object" or "Textbox." Recipients of your letters will love having designs on the envelopes that display your personality.

Choose to make your own envelope from scratch by selecting "Blank Print Publication" from under the New section on the left hand side of the Microsoft Publisher screen. Select "File," "Page Setup" and a new window will appear. Hit "Envelope" from under the Publication Type and adjust any height and width dimensions you may need. This is easy, just measure your envelope.

Insert and edit till your message is clear from the design on your envelope. Try printing in grayscale and on regular paper before printing on any envelopes. This will save money and trees.


Beware of the postal stamps and regulations. No matter how pretty and decorative your envelope, the recipient and return addresses still need to be in the right location and your design may be stamped on if you go to far into the upper right hand corner. Create another project using the same steps if you want to adorn the back with a design.