How to Make a Day Planner With Publisher

By Cooper Temple

Day planners may be created in Publisher using templates.
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Typically used as a desktop publishing tool to create documents such as newsletters and brochures, Microsoft's Publisher boasts a wide variety of features. Using the tools available in Publisher, you may add and edit text, images and other objects. Because of the flexibility in using Publisher tools, you may also select from a collection of pre-formatted templates from which to create documents. These templates, such as day planners, may be used in lieu of trying to create a document from scratch.

Step 1

Download a day planner template from the Microsoft Office website at Click the "Templates" tab. Select the "All Products" menu to the right of the "Search templates" field and click the "Publisher" option. Type "day planner" into the "Search templates" field. Click the "Search" button. Select the type of day planner template that you want to create from the available options. Click the "Download" link.

Step 2

Launch Publisher and open a blank document. Click the "Blank Print Publication" link in the "New" section of the task pane.

Step 3

Click the "File" tab and select the "New" option. Click "My Templates" to display a list of available templates. Double-click the name of the day planner template you downloaded in Step 1.