How to Make a Cool Timetable Online

By Juliette Halliwell

Stay organized online to facilitate scheduling with colleagues, classmates or friends.
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Using online timetabling software to keep track of your schedules for work, school or leisure activities enables you to easily communicate with peers regarding your plans as well as make updates anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a manager or someone simply looking to get better organized, you'll likely be able to find low cost, online-based timetabling software that meets your needs.

Timetables for Students

If you are a student, you can find many timetabling resources online that fit your budget. For instance, ExamTime is a free Web-based program that offers timetabling and many other helpful study tools, such as goal planners, flashcards and quizzes. Students can create color-coded timetables to easily keep track of classes, homework assignments or final exams. ExamTime also provides a specialized version of its software for teachers.

Timetables for Teachers

For teachers, using a Web-based timetabling software application can be handy when you want to collaborate with colleagues on a schedule or if you need to inform them of changes. The software Prime Timetable, for instance, allows you to create custom timetables and share them with other teachers in your school so your department can stay on the same page when scheduling classes and events. Once you've completed your timetable, you can also publish it to the Web so it is easily accessible to students at all times. The program offers a high level of customization in both appearance and time-period structure so your timetables can uniquely represent your school.

Timetables for Managers

Online timetables can be very beneficial in helping managers keep employees up-to-date on unexpected schedule revisions. The software Shiftboard is one professional timetabling program that facilitates communication between managers and employees outside of the workplace. Managers can post available shifts for employees to accept or assign shifts to specific workers. Furthermore, managers can plan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and contact employees in the system with integrated email to confirm shifts.

Timetables for Personal Use

If you are looking to make a timetable to keep track of your day-to-day activities, your email provider may offer a free calendar service that you can use to make a personal timetable. Both Google and Yahoo offer a calendar program that lets you create a schedule and add events within specific time slots. By creating a free account on Google or Yahoo respectively, you can start making your timetable as well as share it with other Google or Yahoo users if desired. Additionally Google Docs offers a number of free, downloadable timetable templates that can be customized both for educational and professional use.