How to Make Your Computer Sound Louder With Freeware

By Larry Amon

Speakers control how loud your computer can sound.
i loud speaker image by Eray Haciosmanoglu from

What controls how loud a computer sounds is the sound card and the volume of the sound being played to some extent but largely the loudness of a computer is controlled by the speakers. This is hardest to work with when you are trying to increase the volume of a laptop because the speakers are built in to the computer. There are several things you can do to make sure you're hearing things loud enough on your computer.

Turn up the volume. Double-click on the speaker icon on the task bar. Click on the slider and drag the various volume settings all the way to the top.

Attach external speakers. In a desktop you can connect different speakers. Even in a laptop there is usually an audio port where you can connect external speakers. Use a high-powered speaker and you will increase the loudness.

Download a free program such as Audacity. Audacity is a free audio editing program. Open Audacity or another program and use the "File" menu to locate and import the sound file you want to hear louder. Select the entire file by clicking "Edit" then "Select" and "all." Click on the "Effect" menu and choose "Amplify." Select an amount to amplify by in decibels or use a slider to move the volume up. Save the file on your computer then listen to it and it will be louder.