How to Make Your Computer Run Like New

By Contributor

Updated December 11, 2019

Make My Computer Fast Again

Computers are slow and to speed it up does not take a rocket scientist to do. All you will need is to take some time out of your day to do it and your computer will be running like new again.

Click on 'Start,' click 'All Programs,' click 'Accessories,' and then 'System Tools.' In this menu, click on 'Disk Cleanup,' click on 'files from all users on this computer, then click on the C: drive. It may take a few minutes to gather all the information that it needs. Once the next screen comes up, check all the boxes or uncheck what you don't want to delete. It is easier to get rid of all of it unless there is stuff in your recycling bin that you want later. Then click 'OK.' It will take a few minutes to finish. This deletes the files in those locations.

Follow the same steps to get to 'System Tools': click on 'Disk Defragment' and press 'Defragment Now.' You can also schedule it to do it automatically for you at any time or day afterwards. This moves fragmented files to more efficient places for your computer to access it faster.

You can shut down unwanted programs before they start up by using the System Configuration. Click the Start button and type "msconfig" and press 'Enter,' and you will get the system configuration menu go to startup. Then you can select programs that you do not need running unless you start them.

There are a lot of viruses that can slow down your computer so you need to install good antivirus software to protect your computer, along with helping to keep your computer from slowing down it helps to protect your personal information. Spyware is something that will slow your computer down a lot if you are not aware of it: while people have access to what people are doing on the internet, it runs in the background and you would never know it was there if it did not slow down your computer.

After you have done everything else, you can download a free registry cleaner or buy one online and have it help speed up your computer. You can also do it yourself if you know what the different keys in the registry are.