How to Make a Computer Keyboard Cover

By Jessica Frame

Keep your keyboard clean by making a dust cover.
i keyboard #3 image by Adam Borkowski from

The keyboard is one of the most important component of a computer. If not properly taken care of, a keyboard can get dust under the keys, making certain keys stick or not work properly. Making a dust cover for your keyboard is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your keyboard in great working condition.

Measure the length and width of the keyboard. Draw the measurements on the old T-Shirt. Be sure the T-shirt is clean.

Cut two pieces out of the T-shirt measuring the length and width of the keyboard.

Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other. Sew the edges of the T-shirt fabric together with needle and thread. If you are a more experienced sewer, or have a sewing machine available you can use that as well. You don't need elastic sewn into the fabric. As long as the fabric pieces are long enough, no dust will get into the keyboard.

Draw and decorate your keyboard dust cover with fabric pens or markers.

Place the finished keyboard cover on the keyboard.