How to Make Computer Gift Tags

by Stanley Matson

Computer gift tags are a great way to save money and be creative. Creating your own gift tag gives a personal touch. There are two ways to create computer gift tags. One is simple with a "To" and "From" caption only, and the second is to use your creativity, using pictures and messages in a colorful manner. There are many applications available for creating gift tags.

Select a picture appropriate to the occasion from your clip art, or search the web for a free, suitable image. Use this picture and place anywhere in the editor. Place a contrasting border around it.

Select a phrase and type it around, on top of or even over the picture. Make the words bold and you can add an effect such as 3-D or watermark.

Print the gift tags using A4 paper. Use a strong color on the border and copy and paste the gift tag on the sheet until it fills the page. You can use the extra gift tags later.

Save the tag's computer file with an easily identifiable name to use in the future.


  • check Always use mild/silent colors. Dark colors dominate the other aspects of the gift tag. Make your tag as small as possible so you can make more prints on a single page. Use a quality paper such as photo paper so the final product looks rich and polished.

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