How to Make a Computer Fan Run on Batteries

By Cameron Easey

Circulating air is easily done by using an electric fan. However, if an electrical outlet is not available, a fan that requires a plug will do you no good. You can use electronic components, such as a computer fan, and wire it to work with a 9-volt battery. To do this you will need a fan and battery that have the same current and voltage.

Remove 1/4 inch of insulation from the red and black wires on the computer fan and snap connector using the wire strippers.

Twist together the red colored wires from the fan and the snap connector. Repeat with the black colored wires. The red colored wires are positive and the black colored wires are negative.

Plug the soldering iron into an electrical outlet and turn it on. Apply solder to the connected wires. This will bind the wires together.

Wrap the soldered wires with electrical tape. Make sure all exposed wires are covered with the tape.

Attach a 9-volt battery to the snap connector to provide power to the fan.