How to Make the Sound Come Through Computer Speakers

by James Clark

Connecting external speakers to a computer can provide a satisfying audio experience for enjoying music or web content. Speakers for PC use are available in two-channel stereo or multichannel surround-sound systems for immersion audio while watching movies or playing video games. On most computers, the speakers can be hooked up in seconds with a single cable connection. Minor system adjustments may be necessary to make sound come through the speakers.

Connect the audio cable from the speaker system to the computer's Line OUT jack. Use the headphone jack to connect the speakers to a laptop.

Plug the DC power cable into the stereo speakers or insert the plug in the jack on the back of a subwoofer when hooking up a multichannel speaker system.

Turn on the speakers and adjust the volume, typically by twisting the on/off control knob clockwise on one of the speakers.

Click the speaker icon on the lower right-hand corner of the computer screen to open a window with audio options for the PC or laptop. Verify the "mute" box is unchecked. If there is a check mark, click the box to activate the audio output on the system.

Click the "Advanced" tab to make other adjustments to the audio, including sound balance between the left and right channels. If the balance is set to one extreme or another, the other speaker will not produce sound.


  • close Connect external speakers to the computer before plugging the system into an electrical outlet.

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