How to Make Payroll Checks and Stubs From a Home Computer

By Melody Fuller

Microsoft Office Accounting gives home computer users the ability to run their businesses the way they would in an out-of-home office. With the program, you can manage your payroll and create checks and stubs for your employees and print them for distribution on payday. To make your payroll accounting easier, you can even create template checks so you don't have to start over every time you need to pay your employees.

Open Microsoft Office Accounting.

Go to the "Employees" menu.

Click on "New Pay Stub" to create a new check stub.

Enter all the information necessary on the pay stub. This information will include things such as the name and address of the employee who will be paid, the amount to be paid in numerals and in words, the name and address of the employer and the amounts deducted from the employee's check.

Check the box next to "To Be Printed" and click on one of the following: "Issue Payment" (to print the check), "Save and Close" (if you want to print the check at a later time), "Save and New" (to save the check and start a new one) or "Recurring" (to make the check a template for making more checks).