How to Make Charts in Excel

by Megan Shannon

Creating a chart in Excel is very simple and if you ever run into problems you can always find information in the Help section of the Excel program. Here is a way to create a chart using Microsoft Excel.

Know what type of chart you want to create. You can choose either an embedded chart or a chart sheet. An embedded chart is a chart object that is placed on the worksheet. It is saved whenever you save the data workbook. A chart sheet is a workbook sheet that contains only a chart. No other information is shown but the chart.

Select the cells of information or data that you want displayed in the chart. Select the labels of the row and column if you want them to show as well.

Now click on the "Chart Wizard" button located on the toolbar that looks just like a chart.

Now follow the instructions the Chart Wizard gives you and you will have created your chart in no time at all!

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