How to Make Cell Phone Calls Anonymously

By Melly Parker

Anonymous calls protect your privacy.
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Anonymous phone calls help keep your phone from being spammed by unwanted calls. While you can block your information from appearing on caller ID, it may be more secure to use a solution that gives you a totally different number, because doing so can keep you from being tracked with your mobile phone. Remember that if your phone number is blocked, the person you call won't be able to call you back.

Restrict Name

Many carriers allow you to restrict your name so that it doesn't show up on caller ID systems. Others let you restrict both your name and phone number from appearing when you make calls. To block your number for a single call, dial "67" before entering the phone number, beginning with "1." to block your number anytime you call a specific number, dial "82" before the number. Check with your provider to determine which services are offered.

Prepaid Phones

Many stores sell mobile phones that are activated with a SIM card and don't require registration. After purchasing and activating the phone, you'll have a number that can't be traced to you. However, if you give out the number to friends, your calls will be less anonymous than if you keep the phone only for sensitive calls.


Apps like Google Voice, textPlus and Burner can give you a different phone number than the one that comes with your phone. The apps don't automatically give you an area code based on where you live -- you're offered a choice of area code. For a fee, you can also change the number these apps assign to your phone.

Text Messages

Your mobile provider can't block your number from appearing when you send text messages. If you want all communication from the phone to be anonymous, use a disposable phone or an app to assign yourself a different number. For example, when selling items online, you may find this useful for texting a meeting address to a potential buyer.